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Streamlined Delivery Services

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders with Industry-Leading Turnaround Times

General Engineering Company is dedicated to delivering your custom hydraulic cylinder products on time, every time. Our streamlined manufacturing and repair capabilities ensure minimal turnaround times for custom fabrication jobs, while our production process ensures uncompromised quality from design to delivery. 

Dedicated to Exceeding Our Commitment to Our Customers

With over 70 years of experience in the hydraulic cylinder industry, General Engineering Company understands the importance of quick product turnaround and reliable delivery – especially in the case of demanding industrial applications. That’s why we have implemented an advanced automated scheduling system to guarantee the integrity of our delivery date commitments to our customers.

Integrated with our production and development, our scheduling verifies and reserves materials and production capacity when the order is entered. When changes are made after an order is placed, we can easily make schedule accommodations to insure customer requests.

Flexible Scheduling for Optimized Hydraulic Cylinder Production & Delivery

Our manufacturing staff is expertly trained within our streamlined manufacturing and delivery system. This keeps our production force nimble, allowing for quick adjustments and change-outs in our diverse manufacturing system.

With optimized production lines dedicated to producing specific products, we have the ability to adjust production paths, delivering maximum speed and efficiency. We can also provide custom inventory solutions for your hydraulic cylinder products. These are just some of the ways in which General Engineering Company provides our customers with unbeatable turnaround times while meeting all of our delivery commitments.

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